The Recruitment Process

Julian Crist

Going into any kind of interview can be a terrifying thing.  Whether it’s for a corporate job, or a small business, having to be asked a series of questions about your background and skillset will always feel uncomfortable at first – Especially when it is a job you are counting on. However, people forget that they are there for a reason. Companies recruiting sift through hundreds, and thousands of candidates and choose a handful of people to interview. If you are one of those people – don’t be scared! Be confident. 75% of the time, once someone takes the time to interview you, it means they truly believe you could be an asset to their company – without even knowing you. Believe in yourself; switch your mindset from “There is no way they choose me” to “They would be lucky to have what I can bring to the table”, and you will gradually see more success in those opportunities.

One of my first Accounting Internships was with a family-owned HVAC business. I was very nervous. Not only was it my first Internship dealing with daily internal accounting, but it was also a make-or-break moment for me. Experience is key in the recruitment process, and I had none prior to this. I had done plenty of interviews in different settings involving different jobs, but none this high stakes. I wanted to make a career out of this. I needed someone to take a chance on me. I needed to prove to someone that I could step up. Alas, after one or two interviews, mostly informal (Remember, in a family business, they interview you to see how well you would fit in that family - not just professionally, but socially also), I landed the job as a Summer Accounting/Bookkeeping Intern.  This company was their baby, and for them to trust me to be apart of it meant a lot to me.

The following year, I was lucky enough to receive interest from a company that I had applied to, Ascent CPA Group. With a year of accounting under my belt, I was confident that I could hold my own in the public accounting world. Since I was still finishing up school, the position was for a Fall Accounting Internship, that could potentially turn into a Spring Internship. My confidence slowly dimmed as I learned more about the role. The role included, not only helping with daily internal accounting tasks, but also, I would be dipping my toes into the world of tax accounting – Tax returns. (Talk about being a nervous wreck before an interview). I was very conflicted because although I had little to no experience in tax accounting (aside from academic learning), I knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime. This was my whole dream coming down to three, 30 min conversations – with the Partners of the firm, mind you (Anxiety, through the roof).  I remember just saying to myself, “Look Julian. You are in this spot for a reason. This is your one shot. Don’t miss. No matter what happens, this all is happening for a reason.” So, I prepared like there was no tomorrow. I studied hard on the ins and outs of Tax accounting, practiced interviewing, and studied up on the firm. I really thought hard about what I needed to succeed, not only in this role, but long term too. I went into it thinking there was no other option. Three great phone calls later, I received an offer. In the letter, they considered everything that I had wanted them to – when they didn’t even have too. School is equally as important to me as the Internship, so Ascent provided me flexibility with my schedule. Working Remote here and there, Ascent worked with me every step of the way to make sure that I was taken care of.  The process was seamless, and I was welcomed in with open arms. I was surrounded by great people who offered me a helping hand and priceless advice every step of the way. Now, I just had to do my part, and show them that they made the right decision in having me be a part of their team.

So, I say to everyone reading, trust the process. I have been lucky enough to have the best of both public and private accounting, and even though they may require different work, the steps that you need to take as an individual to secure that opportunity, are the same.

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